Monday, June 17, 2013

What if we all stopped pretending that Medicaid and Medicare work?

Medicaid and Medicare don't work. 

Just ask any doctor who runs his own business or balances his own books. 
Doctors and hospitals lose money on their government insured patients.

Why do you think they have "caps" on how many of those patients they'll accept?  If doctors could see the patients, and make enough money to keep their doors open and feed their families - there wouldn't be a cap.  Doctor's would see as many patients as they could - because they would help more people, and make more money.

Shouldn't those two always go together?  Shouldn't it be beneficial to help people, to provide them with a service? 

Medicaid and Medicare would like to act like you can get something for nothing, and somehow - it'll all work out in the end.

It's like they've said "We'll pay the doctors less than it costs to treat the patient - then we'll tax the doctors from their other income, and use that money to fund medicare so we can underpay the doctor for their next patient too!

Do we have a duty to help others?  Yes.

Do we have a social obligation to pretend that Government Insured patients have entered a mutually beneficial contract with us?  NO

I would far prefer that we call things what they are.  If it is charity and brotherly love - call it that.
If it is a gift given out of selfless sacrifice - call it that.

I don't like all this pretending.  Let's just ask doctors to see patients for free - out of the goodness of their hearts.  Then the system will at least be honest.

Speaking of which - I still wonder why I have a social mandate, but other professions don't.

  • Are home builders obligated to sell me a house for less than it cost to build it?
    • After all, my family needs shelter - it's the home builder's social duty to provide it!  Yeah, it's their duty to operate at a loss and go out of business!
  • Does the car mechanic have a social obligation to fix my car though I can't afford it?
  • Is the grocery store obligated to give me food when I can't afford it?
  • Forget the necessities - Does the movie theater have to let my family in for free because my kids deserve entertainment?
We pretend that this government health insurance system works - that doctors are rich and "they can afford it."

How long will we go on pretending?

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Sage said...

I agree with you! Great points.