Friday, August 22, 2014

Our Current Terrorist Attack Vulnerability Is From... Saline.

What if just a few bombs, big enough to blow up a building, could kill millions of people?  (Not skyscrapers or metropolitan areas)

What if it could cause panic throughout the entire nation, in every un-bombed city across the continent?

What if the fear of infection kept everyone from leaving their homes?

Not fear of some new outbreak, not fear of Small Box or Ebola or Bird Flu or something like that.
What if terrorists didn't need to do that much work?  No stealing of highly secured research vials of small pox or weaponized ebola.

None of that.

What if they could cause widespread panic, harm, and death with infections we already get every day?

It's easy - and we're making it easier every year.

What if a terrorist blew up a pharmaceutical plant?  A medical supply factory?

I could give an example like Ancef, an antibiotic used in basically every single surgery in the country to prevent infection.  I could speak about cefazolin or drugs for all kinds of infection. 

If those medications weren't available,  what would we do?

But why make up a scenario about a drug when the reality is already here?

Let's talk about saline.
0.9% Sodium Chloride is used in pretty much every IV bag in every hospital and every clinic, everywhere.

You want to clean wounds, mix medications or treat dehydration? You need medical grade saline.

What if there were no medical saline?

Now you might say - well that's just silly.  Saline is salt and water.  Anybody can make that.  We can never run out of saline.

Guess what?  There is currently a national shortage of saline. 


Because of FDA regulations and monopolies and buyouts - there are only 5 companies that make medical saline.  Two companies had recalls on it this year.

Lack of saline could cripple our medical system.

Now think of the essential antibiotics that are only made by one company, or only in one plant.

What if terrorists didn't need an atomic bomb, or a hijacked 747, or a weaponized disease? 
What if they just needed to build a few small bombs and place them at pharmaceutical factories?

The real threat isn't a new disease, it's not being able to treat the ones we already have.

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