Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Funniest Man I Know - Christian Busath

I met Christian my Freshman year of college. We were both cast as pirates in the Pirates of Penzance. I laughed hysterically every time we rehearsed. Since then I watched him in the university impromptu comedy group "Comic Frenzy." Then I saw him perform in West Yellowstone at the Playmill Theatre. I've gone to church with him, and even when he speaks from the pulpit, he can't help but make people laugh. Here are my favorite videos of him.

This is the best - Christian as the real life Fruit Ninja

This is a very close second - Christian as William Wallace. (after his part ends the rest is just a regular commercial so I stop watching after "put it out buddy"

Singing Magic Foot in "25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee"

Cute short film about fitting in:

Watching a man his size flying through the air off a slip n' slide ramp is just awesome.

Here he is as Lefou in a small stage production of "Beauty and the Beast."

A commercial for BYU football with Christian as the office manager:

This is a movie he was in: (haven't been able to see it yet)

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