Thursday, March 21, 2013

Homosexual ≠ Pedophile, Child Molester

To quote Dragnet - Let's stick with "Just the facts."

0.23% of homosexuals will sexually assault a child.    So why are we treating the other 998/1000 like they are all predators?

First: Definitions:

1. Pedophile: This is defined by attraction, not behavior. 
You can be heterosexual and never have any sexual contact with anyone in your entire life - the same is true of pedophiles.  Though they may be attracted, that does not mean they will ever act on that attraction.
 - The psychology definition is : Someone 16 years of age or older whose primary or exclusive sexual interest is toward prepubescent children.
 - The general public definition: adults who are sexually attracted to kids.

2. Child Molester: Defined by behavior, not attraction.
 - Sexual contact between an adult and a child (usually under age 14)

3. Homosexual: Usually defined by attraction, not behavior. 
 - Someone whose primary or exclusive sexual interest is toward those of the same gender.

Using the HHS statistics for 2011: we see some unexpected facts:

53% of all child molesters/abusers/neglectors were female. (I'm guessing most of that is neglect, but that's just a guess)

There were 508,849 different perpetrators in 2011.

The US population that year was 311,591,917.  (I know that number includes kids, but even so, that means that the percentage of perpetrators per capita was 1.6/1000.)

So in 2011: 0.16% of all Americans were convicted of child molestation.

NOW: Looking at data about sexual orientation of those who molest children:

91% of all Child Molesters are heterosexual.  Yes, that means that the majority of men who sexually assault boys are heterosexual. (they're often married as well)

Here's the statistic that would likely get the most press... and also be the most skewed and misunderstood.

Research shows that homosexuals are 45% more likely to be a child molester than a heterosexual.

Doesn't that sound like a huge increase?  Doesn't that confirm and vindicate the fears of all the homophobes out there?

When the likelihood for heterosexual men is about one tenth of one percent, increasing that by 45% isn't much.  If a child were with one homosexual adult compared with one heterosexual adult, the likelihood of the child being molested that year would increase by .07%

My point is this:  Homosexual does not equal pedophile, nor does it equal child molester.

I am a heterosexual male.  I work with the youth groups at my church.  I don't see people watching over my shoulder because "He's a heterosexual male and there are young girls near by.  He probably has no control over his sexual urges and we should treat him like a predator."

I don't understand why homosexuals should be treated any differently.

I hope this has helped clear up confusion, and made you think, at least for a moment, about how you view others.
If I have offended anyone, I apologize.

Thank you.


Brat said...

Thank you Matt. I recently defended an old friend that is a lesbian, she was forbidden from spending time with her nieces because she was going to molest them and turn them gay. My heart broke for my friend, and the innocent children that are being denied a loving relationship based on stereotypes. It also broke knowing that there are still generations being taught to judge based on sexual preference.

vla said...

I think your "53% of child molesters are female" claim is wrong. The 53% in the HHS doc you link to is for abuse of all kinds. The same report says that 60% of reports of abuse are for neglect, only 6% are sexual abuse. The report doesn't seem to break down sexual abuse perpetrators by sex.

That said, you are doing the right thing by speaking out against the misconception that homosexuality and child abuse are somehow linked!