Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mother's Day or Women's Day?

Is it possible to honor mothers for their unique role of motherhood?

I just read "Lean In" by the female COO of Facebook.  She works very hard in her book to point out that women are just as capable as men in business and in many other pursuits.  Women may choose to be in the home but they can succeed in everything - women have a choice.

She brought up an interesting point: Motherhood is not Womanhood.

Being a mother is something more, A LOT MORE.  It is 24/7 care taking.  It is dealing with vomit, and feces, and baby baths, and clothes and laundry and rides to dance class and games and school.  It's waking up mulitple times per night, it's hiding in the bathroom to eat your candybar so you won't have to share with your kids.  It's fearing the grocery store because manuevering a cart and 4 kids through wal-mart is harder than getting a bill through congress.  That's just motherhood, not including labor and delivery.

What will happen this Sunday? - at church we will give something special to every woman over age 18. 

Why?  Because what if someone can't have kids, or hasn't found the right man, or chose not to be a mother, or isn't there yet?  We don't want them to feel ostracized, or unappreciated, so we recognize them all.

How do we show women that we appreciate them all, and we ALSO want on one day to give a special recognition to mothers.  Whether they be adopted, step-moms, grandma's who have taken over the role of mother or whatever other version there may be: We want to honor and revere mothers.

There are days to honor the other women in our lives.  Can't just one day show that Mom's are special?

Motherhood is something more.  Let's say so.

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