Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy is a Star Wars Reboot

We meet the Hero - a young kid who’s mom died when he was really young, never knew his father, who gets taken away to live faraway in the Galaxy.  He even has a goofy “space” name:

The hero meets up with a mouthy, cocky, law-breaking “shoot first” scruffy looking scoundrel who’s just in it for the money:

The scoundrel travels around with a huge friend who acts as his “muscle.” He doesn’t say much, and when he does, only his friend understands it anyway:

They meet up with a hot chick who has daddy issues:

And then the guy who can’t take a joke and takes absolutely EVERYTHING literally:

They are all trying to defeat the bad guy who wears a big black helmet and wants to control the galaxy:  

But he’s not the REAL bad guy, there’s an evil-er guy on a throne above him:

SO - In the end the 5 mismatched heroes fly around space, joking and laughing and beating the bad guys:

Any questions?

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