Monday, March 5, 2012

TED Talk - The Power of Vulnerability

A friend of mine encouraged me to watch this video.  I've heard of TED before, but never watched their videos.  After watching this one - I think I'll watch more.

It worked to hear someone who is a researcher and also an engaging story teller explain this topic.  It speaks to the heart of what I see every day with every patient.  I hear mostly sad stories.  I hear of horrific lives, betrayals, suicide attempts, toxic relationships, and the like.  I hear of people living day to day, but being miserable though they appear functional. 

This video is 20 minutes long.  If you're unwilling to give up 20 minutes of your time - watch the first 5 minutes and see if you want to continue.

I'd love to explain more about this talk, but the presenter does a better job than I ever could, so hear she is:


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