Monday, October 21, 2013

Book Review: Ender's Game

Third time I've read this book - yeah, it's that good.

A fast paced journey through space - all through the eyes of a six year old.  For being a Sci-Fi novel about a war with aliens named Buggers and genius children under age 10 who are trained to be military elite fighters by the time their 16 - this book is surprisingly realistic.

It's because of the emotion.  This book will not be easy to make into a movie - at least it won't have the same feeling or depth. 
Yes the book is thrilling with a great plot, amazing descriptions of war games, battle school, and futuristic space travel.  The special effects alone would make Michael Bay drool for hours.

But over 1/2 the book is nothing but Ender's thoughts.  You REALLY get to know this character.  you know his hopes, his fears, his dreams, his nightmares, how he views each room he encounters, each situation, each person, each battle. 

What makes this book amazing is the depth of Ender. 

Yes there is some language, and yes there is violence - but about ten times less than Hunger Games.

Ender's Game is a joy to read.  I recommend it - and hope the movie doesn't destroy it.

P.S.  The sequel's - "Speaker for the Dead" and "Xenocide" - are boring, dull, and awkward.  "Ender's Shadow" however is genius, and I would recommend reading it next.

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Brian Wilcox said...

It's funny that you said the subsequent books weren't interesting to you. I just finished the series. I was completely engrossed by Speaker for the Dead, not sure where Card was taking me in Xenocide but when the entirety of the story was completed in Children of the Mind I was filled with a myriad of perspectives on life (pre and post mortality) that I really have become attached to.

I received a recommendation to read Ender's Game way back when and not continue with the other books. I'm sorry didn't read all of them sooner. The series as a whole is far more valuable to me than just the first story.

Have you read Enchanted? Fascinating Russian historical fiction.