Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Poem: Just Like You

When you take away my truck or doll and say “it’s just a toy.”
Think of all the things you have, the things that you enjoy.

When you tell me not to cry, “a broken toy we can replace.”
I wonder how you’d feel if you were in my place.

If I scratched your lovely car would you say “It’s just some paint?"
If I deleted all your music would you smile without complaint?

If I said “It’s just a smartphone” or “it’s just your wedding ring?”
If I said “it doesn’t matter, it’s just a sentimental thing.”

Should I ask you not to cry, not to care, not to pout?
Well toys are all I have, and when they break I’m gonna shout.

I can’t leave, I can’t relax, I can’t escape “it all.”
I can’t relieve my stress by shopping at the mall.

I don’t have Facebook or a cellphone, or friends to calm me down.
I get sent to bed and get yelled at if I frown.

Now I know that you’re the parent, and I have much to learn
I know that you get cranky too, that much I can discern.

But every once in a while, will you try to see my view?
Those things you care about, the things precious to you,

The things you’ve worked all day, all year, a lifetime to create.
Well I have those things too, their just cheap and not so “great”

They’re small, simple and poorly drawn,  they probably look like a mess.
I know we can’t keep them all, I know you will protest.

But before you call them trash, before you throw away my art.
Before you send me to bed, please look inside your heart.

The love you feel for all your things, I can feel it too
I have treasures, I’ve worked hard, I am just like you.