Friday, January 23, 2015

Book Review: FOCUSED

This is a perfect book. 

It's a short, simple, heartfelt autobiography of a women overcoming tragedy and defeat.  It is the story of Noelle Pikus Pace; and Olympic athlete who was #1 in the world until her leg was broken by a 1,400 pound runaway bobsled going 60 mph.

This is a story about family and faith.  Noelle tells us what it was like to have her career derailed. How she struggled to get back to the top, only to finish one tenth of a second too slow to get the bronze medal. 

She tells of the heartache of being away from her husband and children.  Her lack of focus and scattered goals while meandering through years of Olympic training.

Then her decision to take her family with her for the rest of her training.  Her realization that in order to be the athlete she wanted to be, she also needed to be the wife and mother she wanted to be.  As her focus became clear and she chose family and God, AND Skeleton racing - she was able to live the life she wanted.

She realized that she didn't need to focus on other racers, or be competitive AGAINST them.  She could be a competitive athlete, by becoming the best version of herself.

As she says in the book:
"Be fearless and love yourself for who you are and what you can offer. Share your talents, whatever they may be, with those around you. Be humble when you recognize you have a gift, and continue to develop it. Help and encourage others as they try new things and develop their talents. Don’t be afraid for them to succeed. Their success cannot diminish your talents unless you allow it to. Compliment yourself when you do something praiseworthy. Compliment others as well. Be honest with yourself about your weaknesses, and strive to make them stronger. Don’t strengthen your weakness in order to beat someone else, but strengthen them to become the best version of yourself. Finally, and most important, dare to be you!"