Saturday, October 18, 2014

Industrial Cleaner being inserted in your food!

Saleratus (Chemical formula NaHCO3) is finding its way into more and more products you use on a daily basis.

Saleratus is a powerful cleaner used to in Silver Polish, Tile Scrub, Drain Cleaner and more.  It is an odorless white powder which is very hard to detect.

It is such a powerful absorbent that it can eliminate noxious odors, masking spoiled foods. 

It is likely in your cupboard and refrigerator right now, preventing you from smelling which foods have gone bad. 

Saleratus is dangerous for many reasons.  

It is well known for its explosive properties and is commonly used by amateur bomb makers who can’t get a hold of regulated combustibles.
Saleratus is discovered through fracking, mining, and other corrosive means.  It can also be made in a lab by combining ammonia with sodium chloride and carbon dioxide.  

Due to its abundance it is now a cheap additive used in your food.

Most commonly it is being found in breads, cakes, muffins and even your morning pancakes.

There are even reports of its use in toothpaste!

Find out more at this Wikipedia page: 

First get educated, then join in the fight to ban Saleratus from our food!

(it is currently being marketed under many names so as to not be easily identified.  It may also be listed as: sodium hydrogencarbonate, nahcolite, sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Give the Doc a Lollipop

What if you could make your doctor faster at finding your diagnosis and treating you?

I mean it. 

What if you could do something that would make it more likely for your doctor to diagnose you correctly, and get you on your way with the correct treatment sooner?

You can. 

Give the Doc a lollipop.

Seriously - Give your doctor a compliment, a tiny piece of candy, something to make the doc happy in the moment he/she sees you.

That's what researchers did and the results were impressive.  They gave doctors a patient summary to read over and diagnose.  They handed one group of doctors a wrapped piece of candy before the test, not to be eaten right then, just to save for later whenever the doc wanted to eat it.

The other group got nothing - just the case summary.

The doctors who were given a piece of candy knew the right diagnosis twice as fast as the "no candy" group.  The "candy docs" were also less likely to get stuck thinking it was one diagnosis and be unwilling to consider other options.  They didn't feel anchored by their first assumption.  The candy docs were more willing to keep options open and search for the right diagnosis, rather than just try to prove their first instinct correct.  And they found the right answer TWICE as fast!

This little study re-affirms what we already know.  People do better work when they are happy.  So instead of focusing on the deficits and problems and faults of your doctors, your kids school teachers, your mechanic, your grocery store checker, etc...  Make them happy and they'll do better work.

Better for you and better for them.

Give the doc a lollipop, it's as simple as that.

(study quoted in The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor, page 47)